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Gerber Knives, Machetes and Axes Serve as Part of Casts’ Weapons Cache this season on
AMC’S The Walking Dead

Portland, OR (October 14) Gerber Legendary Blades, one of the most trusted brands in the knife and
tool industry, announced today that a number of its products will appear this season on AMC’s hit series
The Walking Dead. Recently named one of ‘the best shows on television’ by Rolling Stone Magazine,
The Walking Dead represents an ideal platform to spread Gerber’s mantra of staying prepared, for
anything, even in a post apocalyptic world. The first season of
The Walking Dead continues to reign as
the most watched drama series on television for Adults 18-49.

In this season’s premiere,
The Walking Dead’s protagonists discover a cache of Gerber gear, including
Gerber knives, machetes and axes. The gear will prove useful as the characters battle their undead
invaders and will continue to appear throughout the season as
The Walking Dead’s cast of characters
fight for their safety and salvation!

“In only its second season
The Walking Dead has become one of the most talked about shows on
television and is a prefect fit for the
Gerber knives brand as we broaden our leadership position outside
of the knife and tool the industry.”

“The Walking Dead” follows a group of survivors, led by police officer Rick Grimes, played by
Andrew Lincoln (“Love Actually,” “Teachers,” “Strike Back”), who are traveling in search of a safe and
secure home. Jon Bernthal (“The Pacific,” “The Ghost Writer”) plays Rick’s sheriff’s department partner
before the apocalypse, Shane Walsh, and Sarah Wayne Callies (“Prison Break”), is Rick's wife, Lori.
Supporting cast include Laurie Holden (“The Shield”), Jeffrey DeMunn, Chandler Riggs and Steven Yeun.
The Gerber Knives Story